2015 reading challenge

Sebagai seseorang yang mengaku Penggila Buku (yang kerja di dunia buku pula!) saya mau bikin challenge ah buat diri sendiri. Selama ini, tantangan yang saya buat lebih ke kuantitas buku, bukannya kualitas. Misalnya saja, tahun 2014 kemarin saya kepingin baca 48 buku dalam setahun… dan gagal. Sekarang, saya kepingin lebih banyak baca karya penulis Indonesia, karya klasik juga. Jadi selain menjadwalkan 48 buku yang harus saya baca dalam setahun, saya juga akan mengikuti sebagian kategori 2015-reading-challenge dari popsugars.com berikut ini (dan tentu saja saya tambahkan kategori dari saya sendiri):

  1. A book with 500 pages or more
  2. A classic romance (Pride and Prejudice)
  3. A book that become a movie/tv series
  4. A book published in 2015
  5. A book with a number in the title
  6. A book with a non-human character
  7. A comedy
  8. A ghost/horror genre (The Whispering Skull)
  9. A mystery/thriller (The Alienist)
  10. A book with one word title
  11. Classic
  12. Classic
  13. A book by non-Australian/American/British/Scottish author.
  14. Two books a friend recommended
  15. A short stories compilation
  16. Award Winning books (pullitzer, newberry, kathulistiwa)
  17. Based on true story/Memoir/Autobiography/Biography Book
  18. A book you can finish a day
  19. Books set somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit => Turkey (Birds without Wings), Vienna, Venice, Mecca, Papua
  20. A book that published the day I was born
  21. A Trilogy/Saga/Series
  22. A book from my childhood
  23. A book set in the future/dystopya/utopia/science fiction
  24. A book set in high school
  25. A book with color in a title
  26. Fantasy
  27. Graphic Novel (Rampokan Jawa)
  28. A book by author you’ve never read before/debut author (The Martian, Red Rising, Dorothy Must Die)
  29. Travelling books
  30. A banned/challenged book (The Giver)
  31. Three books that are on my shelf, but i don’t plan to read it anytime soon. (“You, book-hoarder!” I scolded myself)
  32. Novels about food or for foodies. (The Hundred-Foot Journey)

so, let the good time roll… 🙂   -nat-


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