My Tulisan

I had stumbled upon an interesting blog long time ago, when I was looking for online stores that sell cute tote bag. And i fell in love with it straightaway.

I’ve always been fascinated by creative people, how they inspire others through their works.

So, meet Melissa Sunjaya, an artist and founder of Tulisan, here.

What is Tulisan?

“Tulisan is a collection of handmade, limited-edition illustrated prints that are applied to bags, totes and household accessories. Each illustrated edition is based on a story reflecting varying themes of the heart and is complemented by color palettes that are hand-selected to illuminate each soulful narrative. Tulisan is for everyone who loves fresh prints and exceptional handmade items.”

There are distinctive touches and details in their works, and every series of Tulisan has its own story. Bravo Tulisan’s team!!!

Uh-oh, and now I’m droolling over their Collector Edition: Victor Tote.

Tapi, kalau mau beli satu aja tas seri kolektor ini, saya harus puasa jajan selama dua-tiga bulan. But i think it’s worth it. Semoga bisa terbeli tahun depan. Aaaannddd… they are all just too beautiful so i couldn’t choose which to buy… T__T

Oiya, berhubung collector edition-nya belum bisa terbeli, saya putuskan untuk beli tote bag Tulisan yang lain yang juga sama cantiknya. (laaah, katanya mau puasa jajan?)


Hihihi… UPDATED 20122012

My First Tulisan

My First Tulisan

Kalau ada yang komentar: eya ampuuunnn… beli tas [sepatu/buku] lagi?!

Ini jawaban saya:

One can NEVER have TOO many bags [shoes/books]. PERIOD.


PS: Maaf bahasanya campur aduk, saking semangatnya… 🙂


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